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Work of Islamic Art

Original Hand Made Islamic Art (Fatiha)

Original Hand Made Islamic Art (Fatiha)

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Size: 62cm x 78cm, 24"x30" (with frame)

Calligraphy: Sirvan Kerkuki

Illumination: Fatma Aysun Culfik

Translation: In the name of Allah , the Benificent , the Merciful 1- Praise be to Allah ,the Cherisher and Sustainerof the Worlds 2- Most Gracious ,most Merciful 3- Master of the Day of Judgment 4- Thee do we worship and Thine aid we seek 5- Show us the straight way 6- The way of those on whome Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace , those whose (portion) is not wrath and who go not astry .

Illumination form: Serlevha. Serlevha means the title of the article. It refers to the illuminated title made on the first two pages of the manuscripts. This work of art is the first Surah of Holy Book Quran



Handmade Islamic Wall Art Decor


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